PTT OUTDOOR - Sanctband Active Spidercord Purple (Medium)

PTT OUTDOOR - Sanctband Active Spidercord Purple (Medium)

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Need something for home workouts? Its possible to have a gym in a pocket with Sanctband Active SpiderCord. Moreover, it is very portable. lightweight, affordable and easy to use, working out just got easier and way more convenient!

Sanctband Active SpiderCord , features a unique 4-loop design with handles. This creates resistance from 8 lengths of tubing. In addition for that, the 4 loops allow for easy anchoring between both hands and feet which in fact makes it especially reliable for compound movements involving both upper as well as lower body. The highly versatile joined X-shaped resistive tubing is able to provide dynamic resistance and a variety of challenges to improve balance, stability as well as core strength.

In fact, together with in this package, there’s an instruction manual inside. Not only that, for more detailed guide, click here for a video guide on the various ways to use these bad boys in for the workouts.

Features: 1 Resistive Tubing with Four Loops Instructional Manual

Benefits of using SpiderCord: Body Tone and Firmness Muscle Strengthening Increase Flexibility Improve Stability and Good Posture