JC HOUSEHOLD - Washing Machine Drum Cleaner

JC HOUSEHOLD - Washing Machine Drum Cleaner

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  1. Being a chlorine-based powerful liquid type, the product quickly penetrates into the stain and bleaches and cleans black mold hiding behind the washing machine drum
  2. Disinfecting and deodorizing effects keep the washing machine drum clean and refreshing
  3. Using Rust prevention agent and suitable for Stainless Steel Drum

Usage Instruction

  1. Turn on the Washing Machine and pour in the total contents of the bottle into the washing machine.
  2. Feed water into washing machine drum to high water level.
  3. Operate one cycle by standard course (Washing-->Rinsing --> Spin --> Drying) as it is . 


Hypochlorite, Sodium Hydroxide (0.5%) , Surfactant , Soil Release Agent , Stabilizer