JC HOUSEHOLD - Sunshine Power Shoe Cleaner

JC HOUSEHOLD - Sunshine Power Shoe Cleaner

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Easily wash clean by foam ●Easy to reach the dirt of shoes by spray type. ●Light bleaching agent works effectively on dirt and deodorizes odors under light (effective under room light and sunshade). ●Apple scent. *30 shoes spray is available (based on 8-10 spray for one shoe).

Usage Instruction:

① Apply enough shoes to water or lukewarm water and spray directly. 

② Wash with a brush. 

③ Rinse well with water. 

Can Be Used With Sports shoes (cotton, nylon, synthetic leather, etc.) that can be washed and washed with water, sneakers, etc. 

Unusable: leather products




Surfactant (0.7% sodium alkyl sulfonate), anti-staining agent, stabilizer, chelating agent, photobleaching agent