JC HOUSEHOLD - Dashutan Charcoal Paper Deodorizer

JC HOUSEHOLD - Dashutan Charcoal Paper Deodorizer

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Approximately 66 times when about 60cm is used for a 10L garbage bag 

Approximately 33 times when 60cm is used for each of a pair of shoes.

* Adjust the length of the deodorizing paper according to usage environment and odor intensity.

* After opening, use as quickly as possible.

* Do not store this product near articles with a strong odor.


Usage Instruction:

[1] Take the deodorizing paper out of the pack in the box, and put the paper back into the box.

[2] Push out the OPEN portion of the slot on the top surface from inside, and open along the perforation.

[3] Pull up the outer end of the deodorizing paper, and pass it through the slot from inside.

[4] Close the lid of the box tightly, and pull out the deodorizing paper for use.



Activated Carbon, Bincho Charcoal, Pulp, Baked porous minera