JC HOUSEHOLD - Blue Enzyme Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner - Lemon

JC HOUSEHOLD - Blue Enzyme Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner - Lemon

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Description :

Citric acid effectively blocks water scales!

Colorless water easily cleans the inside of a toilet bowl only by placing the chemical agent into the tank.

Formulated with enzymes that decompose persistent stains.

Formulated with citric acid that blends and envelopes the source of water scales and yellowing that makes it more difficult to stain.

Refreshing fragrance after cleaning.

Standard use period is about one to two months. (This will vary depending on the use conditions.)


Usage Instruction:

● Take the chemical agent out from the mat board, and set the chemical agent horizontally, then slowly place it into the corner of the tank on the opposite side of the water supply tube (If it is placed near the drain port, clogging may result). ● Because your hand will be contaminated in blue, do not remove the film wrapping the chemical agent or do not handle it with wet hands (The film is dissolved in water and disappears.)

● When the water color disappears, purchase a new “Blue enzyme power.”



Fragrance, anion surfactant, dye, chelate agent, enzyme