ECOPEAKS - Natufoodies Rice Puff - Orange Peach (60g)

ECOPEAKS - Natufoodies Rice Puff - Orange Peach (60g)

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Rice biscuit for baby & young children. Small children always be supervised while eating.

Your child may be ready for Rice Puffs when he/she: 

Crawls with tummy off the ground

Eat thicker solid foods with larger pieces

Begins to pick up food and self-feed with fingers

Used jaws to mash food.


Ingredient : 

White Rice, 

Corn Grit, 


Wheat Flour, 

Orange Powder, 

Wheat Starch, 

Natural Peach Flavour, 

Tricalcium Phosphate, 

Palm Vitamin E (Tocotrienol / Tocopherol) , 

Vitamins & Minerals (Vitamin C, 

Vitamin B3, 


Vitamin B6, 

Vitamin B5, 

Vitamin B12, 

Vitamin B1, 

Vitamin A, 

Vitamin B2).  

Certification :



Suitable Age: 8+Month


Country of Origin: Malaysia