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What does 60SEC do?

60SEC is a platform for you to start your online business. When you start your own online business you will need products to sell and keep stocks. So what we do is very easy, we help you passionate people who want to start their own business where you no need to worry about keeping stocks and deliver them to your client. 

When you sign up, you will receive a FREE website where you can use it to sell on social media, once your buyer makes a purchase we will have the buyer information and we will ship it to them the next working day. So, when you start your online business, it is good for you to start using drop shipping module.


What is drop-shipping business module?

Drop shipping is a sales fulfilment model. In short, you do not keep stocks and the product sourcing will be from 60SEC. What you need to do is simply focus on selling and marketing. Once you make a sale from the FREE website that we generate from you, we will then post the stock to your buyer. In this way you can operate your online business easily and risk-free as you do not need to keep any stocks.


How much does it cost to start on 60SEC platform?

Its FREE! 


What are the benefits of using 60SEC platform?

  • Selling branded products without keeping stocks
  • Save the hassle of posting the products as we ship them for you
  • Need not worry about what can sell and what cannot as you do not keep stop
  • Risk-Free
  • Free simple website 
  • Only need to focus on getting sales and start earning money


How long will your item reach your buyer?

Product orders from your buyer will be packed and ready to deliver the next working day. The parcel usually arrives within 48 hours after we posted, however there may be unforeseen circumstances which may delay the product delivery (i.e. public holidays and etc).

We will then provide you with tracking code for you to pass on to your buyer so that they can track the parcel.

What is the Return Policy?

Faulty goods that received by buyers/resellers shall be report by taking photos and state the faulty reason to 60SEC at within 3 days after the received of such goods. 

Exchange of similar returned goods is subject to stock availability. 

60SEC will borne the courier charges for faulty goods that caused by 60SEC. We seek your kind cooperation to return the goods within (7) days of purchased.


The item that my buyer buy is out of stock, HOW?

Chill and calm down, it doesn't usually happen, but it might happen when we least expect them. If such a situation arises, do contact our live chat support team for an updated stock check or some ideas of an upgrade if the item is out of stock.