Benefits of a Seller

Benefits of being 60SEC Seller

Access to original branded products at an unbeatable price

60 Second source all the original branded goods. In this case, you do not need to worry about finding supplier, to get what products, the minimum quantity or even the authenticity of the products.

In fact, we are constantly searching for more brands to join our platform. The products listed on our website is also cheaper compared to the market price.


Few clicks and you can start selling

By using our platform, you can sell things easily online. Once you registered and a few clicks, we generate a website for you! Yes, a website for FREE! What you need to do is just share it to your friends, family and start selling!

Not only providing you a website for FREE, we will keep the product, pack and deliver the goods on your behalf. Even the product descriptions, features and benefits of the product are ready. All you need to do is start sharing and selling!


No need to keep stock and No minimum Order

Yup! There is no minimum order, or you need to keep stock. We pack and deliver straight to your customer. 


Warranty and 100% Original

All our products are 100% original from our supplier and rather than getting your stock source overseas, we actually provide you warranties that are covered by the suppliers.